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What is Chromecast built-in?

Chromecast built-in – formally known as Google Cast – is a technology that makes it easy to cast content from your favourite music apps to your WiFi speakers.

Streams are controlled directly from the apps you know and love via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Over 100 music apps already support Chromecast built-in technology and the list continues to grow. In addition to a wide range of apps, Chromecast built-in makes it possible to directly stream content from the Chrome browser.

Chromecast built-in at a glance:

How does Chromecast built-in work?

Chromecast built-in uses your internet and home WiFi to stream music from a range of music services to WiFi speakers. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs can all be used to control the streams via Cast-enabled apps or the Chrome browser.

When can I start casting to my speakers?

The first step towards enjoying Chromecast built-in speakers is downloading the firmware version 1.60. This software update lays the groundwork for the integration and can be accessed from either the online handbook or Teufel Streaming App.

Which Teufel Streaming speakers can be updated for Chromecast built-in?

Chromecast built-in can be used with all current WiFi speakers from Teufel Audio.

The following products available in our webshop support the Chromecast integration:

Are you unsure whether your device supports Chromecast built-in? You can find out here!

What do I need to do to be able to use Chromecast built-in?

You require a smart device (smartphone, tablet or desktop computer) and WiFi speaker connected to the same WiFi network. You will also need a Chromecast-enabled app or the Chrome browser.

Tip: You’ll find the general requirements for using Teufel Streaming speakers here:.


Hoe weet ik of mijn Teufel Streaming/Raumfeld systemen Chromecast built-in compatibel zijn?
Chromecast wordt ondersteund, wanneer een Teufel Streaming/Raumfeld systeem op het bedienpaneel aan de voorkant een Raumfeld logo heeft en er geen externe wifi antenne aan de achterkant is geïntegreerd. Chromecast wordt in ieder geval ondersteund door de Raumfeld Soundbar/Sounddeck en de Teufel Sounddeck Streaming/Teufel Soundbar Streaming.
How can I activate Chromecast built-in for my Raumfeld system?
Chromecast built-in can be activated on your Teufel Streaming device once it has updated its firmware to version 1.60 and actualised the Teufel Raumfeld App (iOS/Android). The app will then automatically display the presence of Chromecast-enabled devices present in the network.

Manual activation can also be completed at any time in the Teufel Raumfeld App’s menu under “Music services”.

As soon as the activation has been completed, you’ll see the following Chromecast built-in logo displayed on the App home screen:
One advantage of streaming with Chromecast built-in is the ability to directly stream from music apps. How can I tell if the apps I use support Chromecast built-in?
Chromecast built-in already supports 100+ apps, including many popular music services, and works with the Chrome browser. You’ll find an exact overview of all Cast-enabled apps here:

Tip: If you didn’t find your app on this list, you may want to contact the provider directly and ask when Chromecast will be integrated. In the meantime, you should have no trouble finding an alternative from the large selection of Chromecast-enabled apps.
Chromecast built-in has been activated and I checked that my music app supports Chromecast built-in. How do I now cast a stream from this app to my Teufel Streaming speakers?
Simply open the music app you would like to use and look for the Cast button. Tap on the button and select a WiFi speaker from those displayed to begin playback.

Important notice: The menu path to the Cast button differs between apps. If you’re sure that your app supports Chromecast built-in but cannot find the button, ask the app’s service team for assistance.
I would like to use Chromecast built-in for multiroom streaming to enjoy playback from multiple speakers. How does this work?
Multiroom streaming is also possible with Chromecast built-in. To do this, create a grouping of speakers within the free Google Home app which you will need to install on your smart device. You can even name the group you created within the app.

After you create and name your groups, they will appear alongside individual Cast-enabled speakers in your music app.

Google Home App (Play Store)

App Store iOS
My music app is listed as compatible in the overview on the Chromecast built-in page, the Teufel Raumfeld software is up-to-date and the Cast button can be selected, however the stream on my Teufel Streaming device only starts after a long delay or not at all. What could be the reason for this?
There are many possible reasons why your music stream doesn’t start or only begins after a long delay. The following are the most common causes:

1) Chromecast built-in functionality can vary between providers. It’s therefore important to abide by the instructions given by the provider for using this technology. For instance, some request that users first cast and then start an audio stream while others recommend the reverse order of actions. If you are unsure whether you are casting correctly, please ask your app’s service team for assistance.

2) It can take around 20 seconds or even longer in some cases for a stream to be processed. Contact the provider of the music or audio service you use to learn more.
I would like to save my favourite Chromecast built-in streams on my device’s preset buttons. How does this work?
For technical reasons, Chromecast built-in streams cannot be programmed onto the preset buttons featured on some Raufmeld devices.
I have a large private music collection. Since the Chromecast integration, the system sometimes fails to respond. What can I do?
The processing of a large number of music files requires Teufel Streaming system resources. This is normal and comparable to a computer that has multiple programs running at the same time. For most music libraries, this does not pose a problem. For exceptionally large libraries, however, such as those in the terabyte range, the system might be strained to a point where normal streaming is compromised.

Solution: Restart all Teufel Streaming devices and deactivate Chromecast built-in.
I use the Spotify App and would like to stream this audio to my speakers. However, under “Available devices”, none of my/not all of my Chromecast built-in speakers are shown. What could be the reason for this?
In order to stream with Chromecast built-in, you’ll need the most recent version of the Spotify App. We recommend updating your app and trying again. Please note that you will also require a Spotify premium account in order to stream to your speakers.
I stream music directly from the Chrome browser and find that the playback is sometimes distorted or drops. What can I do to fix the problem?
The most frequent cause of distortion and drops in playback is insufficiently fast data transfers from the PC to the WiFi speaker. Data transfer rates can be affected by the WiFi router and the internet connection. We recommend enhancing the performance by increasing the WiFi signal strength in the vicinity of your PC and speaker.

You’ll find tips for improving your WiFi signal strength here.
Ik kijk graag filmpjes op YouTube. Kan ik met Google cast het geluid van YouTube draadoos op speakers afspelen, terwijl ik naar video’s kijk?
Het geluid van YouTube video’s draadloos op Raumfeld speakers afspelen, is onder de volgende voorwaarden mogelijk:

A: een computer met Windows 10/8.1/8/7 32-bit / Mac OS X 10.9 of hoger / Linux
B: een actuele versie van de Chrome browser
C: de Chrome browser met Google Cast extension (indien niet al geïntegreerd)
D: minstens één Raumfeld systeem met Google Cast is in hetzelfde netwerk aangemeld als de computer met de browser

Start nu een YouTube video. Dit kan via het “meer”-menu en de optie “streamen” van de Chrome browser. Nu zie je een keuzemenu met alle Raumfeld systemen die gekoppeld kunnen worden.

Beeld en geluid lopen evt. niet synchroon, maar met een minimaal looptijdverschil Deze oplossing functioneert momenteel niet met de YouTube app voor iOS en Android Tip: Androidgebruikers kunnen de mirroring functie gebruiken om het video geluid draadloos te streamen.

Dit werkt als volgt:
Stap 1: instaleer de Google Home app en open vervolgens het linker menu.

Stap 2: Ga naar “display/audio streamen” en kies het gewenste Raumfeld systeem. Een actieve verbinding wordt in de statusbalk van de smartphone getoond. Deze optie is momenteel niet beschikbaar voor iOS apparaten.

Stap 3: Ga naar de YouTube app en start een video – het geluid wordt nu draadloos via de geselecteerde Raumfeld speaker.

NB Ook hier kan het zijn dat beeld en geluid niet helemaal synchroon zijn.
I have my own high-quality music collection and would like to play it on my Raumfeld system via a Chromecast-enabled music app. Why are these titles not displayed?
Chromecast built-in can stream CD-quality audio up to 48 kHz. If your collection has a higher sampling rate, you can stream it via the Teufel Raumfeld App.
I’ve been using Spotify Connect for multiroom streaming. After I activated Chromecast built-in, the Spotify Connect multiroom configuration was no longer available. What could be the reason for this?
This is a temporary bug. We ask for your patience while we work to fix it.
I would like to cast music from the Deezer App to my Teufel Streaming system, but the connection takes an unusually long time after I make a selection. Once a connection has been established, however, I am able to stream normally. What’s causing this long connection time?
This has nothing to do with your individual system. Together with our partners Deezer and Google, we are working to reduce the time it takes for Deezer to establish a stream with Teufel Streaming.
I would like to cast music from the Qobuz App to my Teufel Streaming system but the performance is very sluggish. What could be the cause?
The sluggish performance you experience when streaming via Qobuz will improve. We are working together with our partners Qobuz and Google on a solution to this problem.
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