Using the sleep timer

The sleep timer function lets you set a time for ending a music stream on one or more Raumfeld devices. At the end of the time interval you set, the device(s) will immediately enter the ECO Mode (standby)*.

The sleep timer is a handy function for listening to music or podcasts while falling asleep. It ensures that playback will not interrupt your sleep. It also saves electricity.

How to set the sleep timer:
  1. Open the Teufel Raumfeld App, select a stream and switch to the “You are listening to“ screen
  2. Tap on “More” on the “You are listening to“ screen
    and then “Fall asleep”
  3. Select a countdown time within the sleep timer’s popup menu
  4. A status line within “You are listening to“ let’s you know how much time remains until playback automatically stops.

Helpful tips for using the sleep timer

  • When the sleep timer has been activated, the status line indicating how much time remains until playback stops will appear in the “You are listening to” screen. When only 5 minutes of playback remain, the volume will slowly decrease, a featured that promotes sleep.
  • The sleep timer can be interrupted at any time and/or restarted. Simply repeat the steps 1 to 3. In order to disengage the sleep timer, simply select “off”.
  • The sleep timer can be used with all Raumfeld devices
  • The sleep timer function only works with music services activated through the Teufel Raumfeld App. External Apps, such as Chromecast-enabled apps, may have their own sleep timer function you can use.

*Although the ECO mode is only available on current Raumfeld devices (those without an external Wi-Fi antenna), the sleep timer function can be used with all models. Older model Raumfeld devices simply remain switched on without a signal once playback has stopped as they cannot go into the ECO mode.

Frequently asked questions

I would like to use the sleep timer with Spotify Connect. However, when I try to set the sleep timer in the Teufel Streaming, I receive the notification, “We’re sorry, the sleep timer function is not available for Spotify’s single room mode.” How can I use the sleep timer function?
First activate the Spotify Multiroom Mode. If you only have a single Raumfeld device or only wish to use a single device in the sleep timer mode, simply select a single player from the “Spotify Connect Zone”. You will then be able to use the sleep timer function as normal.
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