Usage of Line in

If you have connected external playback devices to the analogue input of a Raumfeld Speaker or Connector such as CD or MP3 players, you may use these for playback on the Raumfeld system.

This section describes the analogue audio input's utilisation modes as well as the control options for the transmission of the signal into other rooms.
You can connect external playback devices such as CD or MP3 players with a Raumfeld Connector or Speaker and thus use for playback in the Raumfeld system.
Simply connect the CD or MP3 player to the analogue audio input (“IN”) on the back of the Raumfeld Connector or Speaker with a cinch cable for this purpose.

Line-in may be used in two different manners:

  1. When a signal is available it is played back directly and without a delay on the playback device, assuming no other stream is currently playing. Should another stream be active at the moment, you first need to deactivate it in order to listen to the line-in signal.
  2. Apart from that you may stream the line-in signal to other rooms. Simply select the playback device in the main menu under "Line-in". The signal will then be streamed to the current music zone.