Music zones and rooms

Raumfeld enables playback of music in multiple rooms. In so doing, the same music can be heard in many rooms synchronously while other music is playing in other rooms. Each area of your residence in which the same music is heard, is grouped into a common Music Zone.

Music may be dynamically switched between the music zones. For example, you can listen to your favourite music in the living room and in the kitchen while your children are listening to radio stations in the children's room. When you leave the kitchen you can turn off your favourite music there and instead add it to the terrace.
In order to be able to play music on a player device it has to be assigned to a room within your Raumfeld system. Learn how to configure rooms in the Settings section.


The currently selected music zone is always displayed in the Wavebar. When you control the volume or select new music, you will see at a glance which rooms the action covers.
You can change the music zone by tapping the Wavebar.  This opens the Current Music Zone  dialogue, in which you may add or remove rooms to or from the current music zone.
The rooms in which the music is already playing are displayed in the top list. All the remaining rooms are listed in the bottom list.
You can start the music in these rooms by selecting a room from the bottom list. In order to stop a room which has already been selected, remove it from the top list.

Switching Music Zones

If you would like to hear new music in other rooms of your home at the same time, the Controller must first be set to control the new music zone.

Tap on Switch Music Zone.

This will open an overview of all available music zones.  Simply tap on the music zone in which you would like to play the new music.
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