Teufel Streaming offers a global favourites system in order to be able to access especially quickly the music you enjoy most. Favourites are links to your favourite radio stations, artists, albums, titles or play lists and can be accomplished in two ways:

  • Favourites on the home screen
  • Favourites within an application
In addition, in this chapter you will learn how favourites are set up and removed.

Adding of favourites Removal of favourites Favourites on the Home Screen Simply swipe the Home screen to the right in order to see your last played music.
Swipe a second time in order to see your Favourites. Selecting a Favourite or Last Played item on the Home screen immediately starts its playback in the current music zone. Favourites within an Application When within an application, you will only have access to the favourites of this application.

Adding of Favourites Open the Context Menu from the Music or Radio that you would like to add to your Favourites by pressing and holding the entry.

  • Tap on Add to Favourites. 
  • The entry is added to your favourites.
Alternatively you may add the music which is currently playing to the favourites via the respective icon in Now Playing: Tap on the cover. Select Add to Favourites. Confirm the Menu.

Removal of Favourites

Open the favourites application or the corresponding tab within another application. Open the Context Menu of the entry you would like to remove by pressing and holding it. Tap on the Icon Remove. The entry is now removed from your favourites. Only the favourite is deleted; the music will remain undisturbed.
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