Network settings

Under Settings, the network area will allow you to make various adjustments to your network settings:

Host Configuration

  • Connecting to Another Access Point
  • Modifying of the Channel Settings (Raumfeld Expand)

Host Configuration

In every Raumfeld system, there is a Raumfeld host which coordinates all devices and needs to be running for system functionality. Should your system contain a Raumfeld Expand it is configured as the host by default.
In a system without Expand another Raumfeld playback device functions as the host. under Settings > Network > Host Configuration you can configure which device should function as the host. For best performance we recommend to connect the host to your home network via network cable.
When changing the Raumfeld host all system settings as well as your playlists and favourites are copied to the new host. Therefore, no user-generated data gets lost.
Should you have performed the host change via the Raumfeld App we recommend to restart the app afterwards.

Connecting to Another Access Point

You may connect your Raumfeld system at any time with another wireless access point (IEEE 802.11g) when for example, you would like to use your existing home network as an access point or have changed its access data.

You will find detailed assistance on this topic in section Connecting of Raumfeld Devices to Your Personal Access Point.

Modifying of the Channel Settings (Raumfeld Expand)

The Raumfeld Expand scans the wireless network environment at each start and automatically searches for the channel in which the least interferences with other networks occurs. However, you may alternatively tune the Raumfeld Expand to a fixed channel.

    Open Settings > Network > Network Details.

Should your system contain a Raumfeld Expand it is displayed on top of the list. Tap this entry. The Expand properties are displayed.

The channel is set to automatic channel selection by default. Open the channel selection menu and select the channel on which you would like to set up your Raumfeld network.

The other devices with which the Raumfeld network is connected automatically adjust to the new channel. The playback of music is stopped during this time.