Network analysis

If you experience music playback interruptions with your Teufel Streaming system Wi-Fi problems might be the cause.
The network analysis tool supports you to identify Wi-Fi problems and to position your devices in a way that optimises your wireless connectivity.

Initiating Network Analysis

Open Settings > Network. Then choose Network Details.

All Teufel Streaming devices that are currently available in the network will be displayed.

You gain the following information:
  • Device name
  • IP address
  • Type of connection (wireless or cabled)
For devices with a wireless connection:
  • Connected access point
  • Signal strength

Problem Solving

A Loss of WiFi Signal

Should a device suffer from frequent losses of the WiFi signal, even at meanwhile high signal strength, interferences with other wireless networks might the reason.

Especially in densely populated areas many wireless networks are in use. The same channel is often used by multiple devices, and thereby the devices' signals may interfere. The access point your Teufel Streaming system is connected to should therefore be operated on a channel little other devices are operated on.

Should your system contain a Raumfeld Expand you may simply try out different channels as described in Modifying of the Channel Setting (Raumfeld Expand) and see if the signal strength becomes steady. Access points from other manufacturers usually provide an according configuration option in their administration interface.

Alternatively you may contact our service team, which is happy to assist you with the detection of the best channel available.

B Constant Low Signal Strength

If the signal strength of individual wireless devices is constantly beneath 50%, steps should be taken to upgrade the WiFi reception of the device and therewith the music playback reliability.

In most cases it is sufficient to reduce the distance or the number of obstacles between your Raumfeld Expand and your playback device. Simply check out if the reception increases when positioning the devices at different places.

In general, the less walls and ceilings between the devices, the better the reception is. Thick walls made from concrete or clay brick will especially abate the signal.
Often a relocation of a few centimeters is enough to bypass any problems.
Mind the following advice that accounts for both, systems with Raumfeld Expand or systems that are run with an access point from another manufacturer:
  • Position the Raumfeld Expand or the third party access point you utilise rather high up, on a cupboard for example. Make sure there's some space towards the wall. Do not position the device on the floor or in a corner.
  • If you make use of a wireless phone there may be interferences with the WiFi signal. Therefore, do not position the Raumfeld Expand or the third party access point right next to the phone's base station.
  • Set up the devices in a way that ensures there are a minimum amount of obstacles inbetween your access point and the playback device. Avoid setting up the playback devices in alcoves or behind prominent corners.
  • Make sure there are no large-scale metal bodies between the access point and playback devices (e.g. radiators or fridges)
  • Large plants may also block the signal due to their moisture content and should not be between the access point and playback devices.
If the reception does not increase after a repositioning we suggest using a standard WiFi repeater or to connect single components of your Teufel Streaming system with your existing wireless access point. Alternatively, please contact our Service-Team to find the perfect solution for you.

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