Setup via Android app

Setup via iOS app for Apple devices

Initial setup or system expansion


In order to use Raumfeld, the following requirements/specifications are necessary:

1. WiFi Router
The WiFi router creates the wireless network for connecting your Raumfeld devices to your smart device. We therefore recommend using the most up-to-date, high-performance WiFi router available. Because your router plays an important role in the overall performance of your Raumfeld system, it should be placed in a central location relative to your Raumfeld devices.

2. WiFi Signal
Check that every location where you intend to place a Raumfeld device has access to a sufficient WiFi signal. WiFi is the transmission medium for your music. If the WiFi signal is weak, you may experience slow reaction times or even drops in playback. We recommend testing your WiFi signal before installing the system. You can download one of the many free WiFi testing apps available for this purpose.

3. Smartphone/ Tablet
Smart devices like smartphones and tablets with the operating systems Android or iOS version 7.1 or higher can install the Raumfeld App.

4. WiFi Presets
Keep your WiFi password at hand. During the setup procedure, you’ll be asked to enter your WiFi password after your WiFi network appears in t,he setup assistant. Note that you may not use a guest access as this will not allow you to activate all functions, including those necessary for Raumfeld. Turn off all other WiFi devices such as smart TVs or other smart devices during the setup procedure. Check that your router allows automatic IP assignment (DHCP).

5. Internet access
During the setup procedure, your Raumfeld devices need internet access in order to check if their firmware is up-to-date. If this is not the case, the latest firmware will be automatically updated. This procedure requires active internet access.


* If you’re using Raumfeld with the optional Raumfeld Expand, you should begin the setup procedure with this device.
* If you would like to set up more devices, begin with a single device and then install the others one at a time.
* Ensure that your smart device remains in the vicinity of your Raumfeld devices and WiFi router for the duration of the setup procedure, that the Raumfeld App is open and that your smart device remains logged in to the WiFi network.

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