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Setup via Android app

Setup via iOS app for Apple devices

In order to quickly integrate Raumfeld into your home network, please ensure the following preconditions:

1. Location: Place your Raumfeld device in an area of your home where there is a signal strength of at least 30%. If you are unsure whether a certain area of your home fulfills this criteria, you can use a WiFi check app. You'll find many free apps that test WiFi strength in the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Tip: A WiFi network with a signal strength under 30% will not be listed in the Teufel Raumfeld App as an option.

2. Deactivate all devices (such as smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, AV receivers, media servers) that use your LAN or WiFi network for the duration of the Raumfeld setup process.Switch off any DECT base stations and DECT telephones you may have for the duration of the setup process.

3. Router settings (quick check)
  • Check whether your router is using the latest software
  • Activate the DHCP (automatic IP assignment) function
  • Switch your home WiFi network to visible
  • Do not use a guest access for your Raumfeld device or smartphone controller
  • Deactivate the Mac filter if it has been activated
  • Restart your router.

Frequently asked questions

Ich habe Schwierigkeiten beim Einrichten meines Teufel Streaming Systems. Wo erhalte ich Hilfe?
Grundlegende Informationen rund um die Einrichtung finden Sie hier.
I pressed the setup button on the back of my device when prompted to do so in the Teufel Raumfeld App’s Setup Assistant, but no device was found. The notifications “Searching for device…” or “Not found” appear in the display. What can I do?
There are many reasons why a Teufel Streaming device may not be found during setup, i.e. when the app displays the notifications "Searching for device“ or "Not found”. The following will cover the most likely causes as well as possible solutions.

1) It’s possible that your home WiFi is unable to recognize the device due to certain settings on your WiFi router.

Solution: You can enable your WiFi to recognize the device by directly connecting the Teufel Streaming device to your router via Ethernet cable and repeating the setup process.

2) Other active network devices may prevent your WiFi router from recognizing the device. Solution: Deactivate all devices (such as smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, AV receivers, media servers) that use your LAN or WiFi network for the duration of the Teufel Streaming setup process. Before beginning a new setup process, be sure to restart your WiFi router and complete the setup using a single smartphone.

3) The use of switches, repeaters and additional access points within your home WiFi network can hinder device recognition. Solution: Either restart all additional network devices or turn off these devices for the duration of the setup process.

4) If you use a cordless phone over a landline (DECT) and have this phone in the vicinity of your router or Teufel Streaming device, it may be disrupting your WiFi signal. This is because both DECT and WiFi use the same 2.4 GHz signal.

Solution: Relocate your DECT base station or switch off your DECT telephone for the duration of the setup process.
The Teufel Streaming device is not found by my WiFi. I therefore connected the device directly to my WiFi router via Ethernet cable as directed in the troubleshooting tips. Unfortunately, it is still not recognized. What can I do?
If the Teufel Streaming device is still not recognized after being directly connected to the router via Ethernet cable, it may be because the router used is an older model. In this case, it may help to install a switch between the router and Teufel Streaming device. You can also try using a different Ethernet port on your router.
The Teufel Raumfeld App showed an "Oops" notification after I selected my WiFi network and entered my WiFi password. What could be the reason for this?
If you're using a smart device with the Android operating system version 5.X (Lollipop), the problem could caused by two possible smart device settings:

1) The setting "Smart network change" switches the smart device to the mobile network whenever the WiFi signal becomes too weak. Since Teufel Streaming requires a continuous WiFi connection, this setting cannot be used.

2) The "Auto IP Support" function determines when the home WiFi network does not support DHCP (the automatic assignation of a network address). Although a very useful feature, Auto IP Support cannot be used with the Teufel Streaming system. This is because Teufel Streaming devices need to be assigned an IP from the router in order to independently communicate with the home network and internet.

Solution: The Android functions "Smart network change" and "Auto IP Support" should be deactivated. Next, ensure that your router allows for DHCP and then repeat the setup process.
The Teufel Raumfeld App issues the notification "Oops" directly after entering a room name. The display shows "Configuring device...". What is the reason for this?
Other devices in your WiFi network may be preventing the Setup Assistant from completing the setup process.

Solution: Deactivate all devices (such as smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, AV receivers, media servers) that use your LAN or WiFi network for the duration of the setup process. Before beginning a new setup process, be sure to restart your WiFi router and complete the setup using a single smartphone.

Please note that the processes carried out during the notification "Configuring device..." may take a few minutes to complete. We therefore ask for patience in order to ensure that the setup is indeed experiencing difficulty completing and that your smartphone does not go into standby mode.
During the setup process, I entered my WiFi password and received the notification "Wrong password" even though I double checked it. What could be the problem?
Check that the password you entered is still current. Make sure that you are not using the password for your SIM card, Google account, music service or other account. Teufel Streaming requires the password for your home WiFi. This is sometimes also called the "network key".

Tip I: You'll often find your WiFi password / network key on the back of your WiFi router. As long as this password has not been changed, it should still be valid.

Tip II: The auto correct function in your smart device may be changing the characters you enter. We therefore recommend switching off this auto correct function.
During the setup process, the Raumfeld App displays the notification "Wi-Fi router is incompatible". What could be the reason?
There can be many reasons for the notification "Wi-Fi router is incompatible”. The most common reasons for this notification have to do with router configurations affecting your home WiFi which can be changed. The following are the most common WiFi settings that may be the cause:

1) The function DHCP (the automatic assignment of a network address) is not switched on. This prevents the Raumefld device from registering with the home WiFi network.

Solution: Activate the DHCP function in your home WiFi router’s settings. Tip: Some manufacturers list DHCP as a feature with names like “Reject unknown devices”. Contact the manufacturer of your router if you are unsure what this feature is called.

2) A so-called Mac filter is switched on in your router. This filter prevents the registration of unknown devices which includes all devices not already using the WiFi network.

Solution: Deactivate the Mac filter for the duration of the setup process or add your device to the router’s list of known devices. Note: Some manufacturers refer to the Mac filter with names like "Only allow known devices.“ Contact the manufacturer of your router if you are unsure what this feature is called.

3) The router is blocking direct communication (the exchange of data) between two or more devices connected to the same WiFi network. Known as “client isolation,” this setting is often preconfigured, especially with guest network access.

It requires direct communication in order to receive information (such as when you press "play“) from your smartphone. The client isolation setting is often overlooked as it does not prevent a device from accessing the internet.

Solution: Do not use a guest WiFi access for your device; deactivate the client isolation feature.

Note: Some manufacturers refer to client isolation under different names. It may also be a preconfigured part of a security level you have chosen for your WiFi network. Contact the manufacturer of your router for more information.
During the setup, the WiFi network to which the device is to be connected must be selected within the App. However, my home WiFi does not appear in the list of available WiFi networks. What could be the reason for this?
The following are a few reasons why your WiFi network may not appear in the list presented in the App:

1) If the signal strength of your WiFi network is only 30% or less where you are holding your phone, it will not appear. Since the system requires a signal strength greater than 30% in order to function without drops in playback, only networks that offer this minimum signal strength will be displayed.

Solution: Increase the signal strength of your WiFi signal and/or find a better place for your device.

2) It’s technically possible to hide a WiFi network. This option is usually offered in a WiFi router’s settings. If you’ve selected this setting option, your home network will not be displayed within the App.

Solution: Make sure that the WiFi is set to "visible“.
Beim Einrichten erscheint mein WLAN nicht in der Auswahlliste. Woran kann dies liegen?
Wenn das WLAN am geplanten Aufstellungsort der Geräte mit einer Signalstärke von unter 30% anliegt, wird das Netz nicht angezeigt, da die Signalstärke für einen Betrieb unzulänglich ist. Lösung: Verbessern Sie den WLAN-Empfang oder suchen Sie einen geigneteren Aufstellungsplatz (z.B. näher den den WLAN-Router) für Geräte.
Beim Versuch des Einrichtens erscheint Hinweis „Router inkompatibel“. Woran kann dies liegen?
Die Meldung „Router inkompatibel“ erscheint, wenn eine Voraussetzung in der Konfiguration des WLAN für den Betrieb nicht gegeben ist.
Mögliche Ursachen sind:
  1. Im Router ist DHCP nicht eingeschaltet und er vergibt daher keine IP-Adresse
  2. Im Router ist der Mac-Filter eingeschaltet und das Teufel Streaming Gerät kann nicht in das Netzwerk eingebunden werden
  3. Der Router blockiert internen Traffic (Client Isolation) und angeschlossenen Geräten ist es daher nicht erlaubt, direkt zu kommunizieren.
Lösung: Stellen Sie sicher, dass ihr WLAN-Router die Punkte 1-3 erlaubt.
Nach Einrichtung Expand kann kein weiteres Gerät hinzugefügt werden
Der Expand muss nach seiner Einrichtung neu gestartet werden. Beenden Sie zunächst die Einrichtung, starten Sie den Raumnfeld Expand neu und fügen Sie nun über die Raumkonfiguration die zusätzlichen Geräte hinzu.
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