Configuring of devices

To change the properties of a Teufel Streaming playback device, first press on the corresponding entry in the detail page of a room under Settings > Room Configuration.


Provided that the playback device is available in the network, you may adjust the setting of the trebles, mids and basses. If the playback device is currently offline, then this function is deactivated.

LED settings

If you are bothered by your Teufel Streaming playback device’s LEDs you can turn them off.

Open Settings > Room Configuration and select the room.
Tap on the playback device for which you would like to change the settings.
Change the LED settings.

Teufel Streaming Speaker: Stereo signal

You can decide yourself which speaker of a Teufel Streaming speaker pair you would like to associate with the left stereo signal and which you would like to associate with the right stereo signal.

Open Settings > Room Configuration and select the room.
Tap on the Teufel Streaming speaker for which you would like to change the settings.
Open the menu labelled Allocation of Stereo Channels and select whether the active speaker should be associated with the left, with the right or a mono signal.
The active speaker is the one containing the amplifier. You can easily distinguish it from the passive speaker as it is connected to the power plug and holds the antenna.

Raumfeld Connector: Line-In Boost

In order to adjust your Connector 2 optimally to the level of the audio device connected to the analog input you may here increase the input sensitiveness by 12 dB.

Raumfeld Connector 2: Maximum sample rate on optical output

The Raumfeld Connector 2 allows playback of music files with very high sample rates. By connecting it to your stereo receiver you are able to enjoy high resoultion music files on your stereo set.

Unfortunately not all stereo receivers can process high sample rates on the optical input. If the Connector sends a signal with a higher sample rate than your stereo receiver is able to process it will not play the signal. Hence there is no sound.

In order to solve this problem the Connector offers this option which allows you to set the maximum sample rate your stereo receiver is able to process. The Connector will then down-sample material with a higher sample rate to the denoted maximum sample rate.

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