Usage of equalizer


Teufel Streaming devices come with neutral tuning. Of course, the actual soundstage you experience will be influenced by room acoustics, where the speakers are positioned and your own subjective sound preferences. In order to adjust the soundstage to the room and your personal listening preferences, Teufel Streaming offers an equalizer function for all loudspeakers.

The equalizer allows you to achieve the optimal sound by making parts of the frequency range either louder or softer. The equalizer offers this ability for the treble, midrange and bass. With speakers from our Stereo Series, you will also find a balance setting. Balance makes it possible to increase the volume of either the left or right speaker. For instance, you can make the left speaker a little louder if you happen to sit closer to the right speaker for a balanced stereo image.

How to access the equalizer.

  1. Open the Teufel Raumfeld App on your smartphone or tablet. You will see a loudspeaker symbol on the upper right side. Tap on this symbol in order to open the volume menu.
  2. From the volume menu, you will have access to the equalizer. Now tap on the EQ menu.
  3. The equalizer menu can now be configured to create an optimal soundstage.

How to correctly set your equalizer at home

It’s possible to adjust the soundstage via the EQ option within the app.

The orange dots next to the treble, midrange and bass indicate the current settings for your speaker. The line midway between “min” and “max” represents a neutral value. When you open the EQ menu option for the first time, all settings will be set to neutral. Moving the orange dot to the left decreases the effect, moving the dot to the right increases it. To move the orange dot, tap on it and drag it to where you would like it to be positioned.

How can I get the most out of the equalizer option?

The listening experience is subjective. It’s therefore OK to go with your gut feeling and adjust the soundstage to satisfy your preferences. Bear in mind that music played back from streaming services is generally well mixed and needs only slight adjusting.

  • If you prefer a more powerful low end, set the bass higher
  • If you like a brighter, more brilliant sound, set the treble higher.
  • The sound will seem loud, better defined and easier to understand if you enhance it in the range to which our hearing is most sensitive: The midrange.
Some practical tips

  • Because of the strong influence room acoustics have on sound, the soundstage you perceive is strongly influenced by the room itself, the location of the loudspeakers in the room and their relative position to the listener.
  • It’s a good idea to experiment with music you like and know well in order to find the optimal sound setting.
  • When downloading or converting music, make sure to select a higher bit depth and sampling rate. With more compressed, poorer-quality digital music files, the bass and treble are often reduced. Note that it is difficult for the equalizer to compensate for missing or reduced data.
  • Many companies offer software that makes it easy to check the quality of digital music collections. XiVERO is one well known example.
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