There are basically three options to play music over the Teufel Streaming system. They are accessible via the context menu.

The context menu is opened by tapping on the cover. Further options to open the context menu may be configured (see Menu Options below).

Play Now

Immediately begins with the play back of music in the current music zone. The current music zone can always be seen in the Wavebar.

Play Next

Plays the selection in the current music zone after the current song has been finished.

Play Later

Adds the selection to the end of the current playlist of the current music zone.

Menu Options

The context menu is shown whenever you tap the album artwork, artist picture or logo of an item. In the menu options configuration screen accessible on bottom of the screen when the menu is displayed you can configure additional ways to open the context menu:

When simply touching a track or radio station
When touching and holding an item
(simply touching on tracks and radio stations will start playback immediately in this case)