Soundbar with Subwoofer

How to set the crossover frequency on the Teufel Streaming subwoofer

Two devices are responsible for the Teufel Soundbar Streaming/Raumfeld soundbar’s sound. The Soundbar reproduces the details, dialogue and effects; the subwoofer covers the low frequencies.

In order for this division of sonic labour to result in the perfect sound, it’s important to select the right settings for your setup. That’s why the Teufel Raumfeld app makes it possible to individually set the volume levels for each device as well as the crossover frequency between the devices. The crossover frequency is the frequency at which the subwoofer cuts off and the Soundbar takes over. To get the sound right for you, you’ll need to experiment a bit and let your ears guide you.

Menu path

The subwoofer’s crossover frequency and volume settings can be accessed in the Teufel Raumfeld app’s home screen under Settings > Room configuration > Room settings > Details

The 140 Hz or 120 Hz option

Use one of these settings to enhance the subwoofer’s sound. This is a good option if you enjoy strong bass or if the subwoofer is located near the Soundbar. You also have the option of elevating or lowering the subwoofer’s volume levels independently of the Soundbar.

The 100 Hz or 80 Hz option

This selection enhances sound produced by the Soundbar. This can be a good option if your subwoofer is located behind the listening position or beneath your sofa in which case your Soundbar may not be dominant enough. You also have the option of elevating or lowering the subwoofer’s volume levels independently of the Soundbar.

The setting you select is ultimately up to you. We offer these sound settings as tools, but don’t forget that your ears should always lead the way!

Note that we offer a special wall mount for the Teufel Soundbar Streaming/Raumfeld soundbar for even more room integration options.
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