Turning Raumfeld devices on or off

There are three ways to turn a Raumfeld device on and off:

   a) Press the power button on the device

All Raumfeld devices with the exception of the Expand are equipped with a power button. Simply press this button on the front of the device (or at the top in the case of the Connector). When the LED is no longer lit, the device has been successfully turned off. Pressing the power button again turns the device on.

   b) Turn the device on and off via app

You can also turn every Raumfeld device on and off via app.

After the initial setup, your Raumfeld device will be on. In order to turn it off, tap on the Control Room symbol (the Raumfeld logo on the bottom right) in the Raumfeld Controller App. An overview of all available Raumfeld devices will appear. These will either be displayed individually or as a group if you have placed them in the same listening zone. You’ll see a switch displayed to the bottom right of each device.

Quickly tapping on the switch changes the device’s status. If the switch is orange, the device is already on. A grey switch indicates that the device is currently switched off.

Tapping on the switch again will change the device’s status into the opposite. The LED display on the device will also change. If the LED is off, the device is not active.

Note: This function is exclusively available with current models. If you’re not sure which device you own, please contact our service team.

The automatic standby function will be active on all devices that are switched on Automatic standby

   c) Press the switch on the back of the device

Most Raumfeld devices (with the exception of the Expand, Connector and One S) can also be switched off by pressing the switch on the back of the device. Devices not equipped with this switch can be deactivated by unplugging them.

Note: When turned off, the device is also disconnected from the home WiFi. This means that there may be a slight delay once the device is turned back on while it reconnects to the network.