Automatic standby

The automatic standby function manages the energy consumption of all devices that are switched on. When the automatic standby function determines that no stream is being played on a device, it automatically switches the device to an eco-friendly standby mode. The device will be displayed in the control room with the ECO symbol. In addition, the LED on the device will turn off. The energy consumption of a device in the ECO mode is under 2 watts.

Controlling devices in the ECO mode

Devices that are in the ECO mode can be selected as usual via the app to start a stream or in order to group the device into a listening zone. As soon as playback begins, the device will automatically exit the ECO mode.

Scheduling the ECO mode

A time frame for standby can be scheduled. To do so, go to settings in the Teufel Raumfeld app and select the device you want to configure. Select “Automatically activate ECO” from the summary page on the pulldown menu.

Here you’ll be able to select various times (5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes) or deactivate the standby function entirely.

Important information regarding the line-in connection:

Unlike other sources, signals received via the line-in connection (such as when a TV is switched on) do not automatically restart from the standby mode. If you want to experience uninterrupted playback with devices connected via line-in, we recommend that you deactivate the automatic standby function.