The Teufel Streaming software is constantly developed further and updated, many changes being Expand on your feedback. These improvements are provided to you as software updates.

You can find the list of recent changes to the software of the Teufel Streaming devices here.

Updates for the Teufel Raumfeld Apps:

  • Of course we also provide continuous updates of the Teufel Raumfeld App for your smartphone. These updates are distributed via your smartphone's app store.
  • Updates for the Teufel Raumfeld App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are available in the Apple App Store on your device
  • Updates for the Teufel Raumfeld App for Android are available in the Google Play Store on your device

Automatic Update Functionality (Requires Internet Connection)

If there is a software update available for one of your Teufel Streaming devices, it will be displayed for you on the Raumfeld Controller or Teufel Raumfeld App by a message as soon as the system is connected to the Internet.
You may immediately install the updates or conduct the installation at a later time. As long as an available update is available, an icon will remind you of it in the status bar (Raumfeld Controller only). You may install available updates at any time via Settings > Maintenance > Updates (iOS: Maintenance > Updates) menu item.
The playback of music may be interrupted during the installation of updates.

Installing Updates without a Connection to the Internet

If you operate your Teufel Streaming system without a connection to the internet you may install the updates via a USB stick.

Download the latest software version:

  1. Download the latest version: https://updates.raumfeld.com/raumfeld-updates.img
  2. Transfer the file raumfeld-updates.img onto a USB stick.
  3. Insert the USB flash drive into the Expand or host device.
  4. For iOS devices: Settings > System Maintenance > Updates > Check for updates
    For Android devices: Settings > Devices > Updates > Check for updates
  5. After all updates have been downloaded, select “Install updates”
In the Android app "Update" can now be found under Devices and no longer in System Maintenance.
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