Adding your music collection

There are different ways to make your music collection available in the Teufel Streaming system:

  • Copying Music to USB storage
  • Sharing Music in the network
  • Streaming Music Directly from Android or iOS devices

Copying Music to USB Storage

Copy your music collection to a USB stick or USB hard disk and connect it to the Host of your Teufel Streaming system. Under Settings > Network > Host Configuration you may look up which of your Teufel Streaming devices functions as the host. After the USB storage device has been attached to the host of your Teufel Streaming system it will be indexed. New titles are gradually displayed under "My Music". Further configuration is not required.

Notice regarding USB external hard drives: Teufel Streaming devices fulfill USB norms regarding the use of USB external hard drives with no independent power source. In practice, however, USB external hard drives can require more electricity depending on the conditions of use. We therefore recommend using either a USB external hard drive with its own power source or a pen drive.

Sharing Music in the Network

A network storage device allows you to provide music in the network without a computer (NAS or network router with integrated hard disk / attached USB storage). In all cases it is required to add the share under Settings > Music Resources as a music resource.

Streaming Directly from Android or iOS Devices

If you control your Teufel Streaming system with an Android or iOS Smartphone or Tablet, you may directly stream music stored on that device to your Teufel Streaming player devices. By simply activating the music sharing feature in the Teufel Raumfeld App, you can access the device's music collection under "My Music".
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