Release Notes 2.3

New firmware has been released, 07.05.2018. For Release notes, please follow this link.

Important note for all users of the Raumfeld app, where the "Tune In" radio service is no longer visible:

For further use of the radio service "Tune In", only a device software update to the latest version is required. The update is free and takes only a few minutes.

The software can be easily checked and updated:

  1. Turn on all available Raumfeld devices and then open the Raumfeld app.
  2. On the Raumfeld app screen, the main menu can now be opened by briefly swiping to the right.
  3. In the main menu, select "Settings", then menu item "System maintenance" and finally "Updates". By simply tapping the "Search for Updates" button. Raumfeld automatically starts searching and downloading the latest version.
  4. After the download, the update will be started by touching again and takes about 3-5 minutes. Then "Tune In" can be used like before.
For questions about the update please contact our customer service.